DInO: Digital Innovation Ostbayern

Digital Innovation Ostbayern

The DInO initiative (Digital Innovation in Eastern Bavaria) fuses academic expertise and applied innovation, creating technological opportunities that address challenges faced by rural communities in the digital era.

DInO is part of the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network. Our joint contributions from two laboratories at OTH Regensburg (LfD and LaS3) include cutting-edge research emphasizing AI, data technologies, and cyber-security. These insights manifest in open innovation and test laboratories, aligning with the "Test before Invest" principle for innovation viability.

Beyond research, DInO emphasizes knowledge dissemination and skill cultivation, empowering the local workforce through targeted training and bridging theoretical understanding and practical implementation. This fosters continuous learning and cultivates digital adaptability. Through DInO's collaborative spirit, we intend to pave the way for a digitally empowered region of Eastern Bavaria. DInO embodies collaborative progress and inclusive digital transformation in rural areas.