Hila Safi

Hila Safi (M.Sc.)

Doctoral Student

Mail: hila.safi@siemens.com




To Appear VLDB Workshop A*
Quantum Data Encoding Patterns and their Consequences
Martin Gogeißl, Hila Safi, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the Workshop on Quantum Computing and Quantum-Inspired Technology for Data-Intensive Systems and Applications2024.
PDF 10.1145/3665225.3665446 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


IEEE Conference
Influence of HW-SW-Co-Design on Quantum Computing Scalability
Hila Safi, Karen Wintersperger, Wolfgang Mauerer2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Software (QSW)2023.
PDF 10.1109/QSW59989.2023.00022 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


QPU-System Co-Design for Quantum HPC Accelerators
Karen Wintersperger, Hila Safi, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 35th GI/ITG International Conference on the Architecture of Computing SystemsGesellschaft für Informatik2022.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-031-21867-5_7 Reproduction Package [BibTex]