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To Appear IEEE Conference
Effects of Imperfections on Quantum Algorithms: A Software Engineering Perspective
Felix Greiwe, Tom Krüger, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the IEEE Quantum Software Week2023.
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To Appear IEEE Conference
Influence of HW-SW-Co-Design on Quantum Computing Scalability
Hila Safi, Karen Wintersperger, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the IEEE Quantum Software Week2023.
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To Appear Conference
Optimization Problems in Production and Planning: Approaches and Limitations in View of Possible Quantum Superiority
Maximilian Zwingel, Oguz Kedilioglu, Sebastian Reitelshöfer, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 8th MHI ColloquiumSpringer2023.
ACM Conference A*
Ready to Leap (by Co-Design)? Join Order Optimisation on Quantum Hardware
Manuel Schönberger, Stefanie Scherzinger, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on Management of Data2023.
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OSSJ Conference
Semi-Formal Verification of Embedded Linux Systems Using Trace-Based Models
Benno Bielmeier, Wolfgang MauererOpen Source Summig Japan (OSSJ)2022.
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Static Hardware Partitioning on RISC-V - Shortcomings, Limitations, and Prospects
Ralf Ramsauer, Stefan Huber, Konrad Schwarz, Jan Kiszka, Wolfgang Mauerer2022.
PDF https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2208.02703 [BibTex]
TPCTC Conference A*
Tell-Tale Tail Latencies: Pitfalls and Perils in Database Benchmarking
Michael Fruth, Stefanie Scherzinger, Wolfgang Mauerer, Ralf RamsauerLecture Notes in Computer ScienceSpringer International Publishing2022.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-030-94437-7_8 [BibTex]


Silentium! Run-Analyse-Eradicate the Noise out of the DB/OS Stack
Wolfgang Mauerer, Ralf Ramsauer, Edson Lucas, Daniel Lohmann, Stefanie ScherzingerBTW 2021Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn2021.
PDF 10.18420/btw2021-21 [BibTex]


EADTC Conference
A Novel Software Architecture for Mixed Criticality Systems
Ralf Ramsauer, Jan Kiszka, Wolfgang MauererLecture Notes in Electrical EngineeringSpringer International Publishing2020.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-030-48602-0_11 [BibTex]


ICSE Conference A*
The List is the Process: Reliable Pre-Integration Tracking of Commits on Mailing Lists
Ralf Ramsauer, Daniel Lohmann, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 41st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '19)2019.
PDF Raw Data 10.1109/ICSE.2019.00088 [BibTex]


System Software for Manufacturing Systems
Ralf Ramsauer, D. Lohmann, Wolfgang MauererProc. First European Advances in Digital Transformation Conference2018.


ICSE Conference A*
Classifying Developers into Core and Peripheral: An Empirical Study on Count and Network Metrics
Mitchell Joblin, Sven Apel, Claus Hunsen, Wolfgang Mauerer2017 IEEE/ACM 39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)IEEE2017.
PDF 10.1109/icse.2017.23 [BibTex]


OpenSym Conference B
Observing Custom Software Modifications: A Quantitative Approach of Tracking the Evolution of Patch Stacks
Ralf Ramsauer, Daniel Lohmann, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym '16)ACM2016.
PDF 10.1145/2957792.2957810 [BibTex]
GPU-Assisted hard real-time processing: Problems and Potentials
Wolfgang MauererProc. Embedded World Conference2016.


ICSE Conference A*
From Developer Networks to Verified Communities: A Fine-Grained Approach
Mitchell Joblin, Wolfgang Mauerer, Sven Apel, Janet Siegmund, Dirk Riehle2015 IEEE/ACM 37th IEEE International Conference on Software EngineeringIEEE2015.
PDF 10.1109/icse.2015.73 [BibTex]


Supershrink Linux – and beyond
Wolfgang MauererProc. Embedded World Conference2014.


A Dual Model of Open Source License Growth
Gottfried Hofmann, Dirk Riehle, Carsten Kolassa, Wolfgang MauererOpen Source Software: Quality VerificationSpringer Berlin Heidelberg2013.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-642-38928-3_18 [BibTex]
Linux Platform Debugging: It’s not just for Kernel Hackers
Wolfgang MauererProc. Embedded World Conference2013.


CLEO Conference
A High-Speed Secure Quantum Random Number Generator Based on Vacuum States
Christian Gabriel, Christoffer Wittmann, Bastian Hacker, Wolfgang Mauerer, Elanor Huntington, Metin Sabuncu, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd LeuchsConference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2012OSA2012.
PDF 10.1364/cleo_at.2012.jw4a.103 [BibTex]


Numerical Analysis of Parametric Downconversion
Wolfgang Mauerer, Christine Silberhorn, Alexander LvovskyAIP Conference ProceedingsAIP2009.
10.1063/1.3131312 [BibTex]
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Structure and Trends of Open Unix Kernels
Wolfgang MauererProceedings Linux-Kongress 2009 und OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2009, GUUG/Lehmanns2009.


Chasing the Penguin: State and Evolution of the Kernel
Wolfgang MauererProceedings Linux-Kongress 2008(UpTimes 02/2008), GUUG/Lehmanns2008.


Quantum Key Distribution: Closing the Gap to Perfect Sources
Wolfgang Mauerer, Christine SilberhornProc. 7th International Conference on Quantum Communication2007.